BSC Management System Audit

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The Balanced Scorecard Management System Audit is a comprehensive advisory service meant to provide an objective assessment of the performance measurement capability within an entity (organization, division, department or team). The audit offers insights into the client’s processes, instruments and policies by comparing them with best practices in measuring performance.

The service relies on 3 instruments:

1. The Balanced Scorecard Maturity Model – a questionnaire meant to assess key aspects of the BSC management system.

2. Internal Documents Analysis – a team of subject matter experts is responsible for reviewing internal documents like KPI lists or reports, scorecards, dashboards, data gathering process maps.

3. Interviews with Key Stakeholders – the purpose of the 30 minutes interview with key stakeholders is to gain more insights into how processes and tools are deployed in practice.

After assessing the insights provided by each instrument, the entity can fall into one of the below maturity levels and discover how it can exceed to the next level:

1. Initial

2. Emergent

3. Structured

4. Integrated

5. Optimized

1. Express interest

2. Kick-off/opening meeting

3.1 Receive the Maturity Model Guide and online questionnaire

3.2 Submit client internal documentation

4.1 Complete online questionnaire

4.2 Analyze internal documentation

5. Conduct interviews

6. Deliver the Audit Report

7. Closing meeting

Highlighted in blue is the client, whereas in green is The KPI Institute's role.

The timeframe to deploy the audit depends highly on the complexity of the client entity. Usually, it takes around 1 month to complete the audit (1 week to collect responses for the Maturity Model Questionnaire; 2 weeks to have and process the interviews, 1 week to consolidate report, 5 days allocated for meetings and discussions with client distributed through out the project)

The final output of this service consists in The Balanced Scorecard Audit Report.

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