Benchmarking methodologies – which one is the best?

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Summary outline of the webinar

Although the benefits of benchmarking are clear and generally accepted, it is often considered that actually generating improvements based on deploying a benchmarking initiative is quite inefficient and costly. One of the reasons behind this thinking is that fact that benchmarking methodologies are either unknown or are considered to be stiff and inflexible.

Join our webinar to learn about the existing benchmarking methodologies and practical examples of efficiently deploying them.

Main topics covered 

  • Why to benchmark?;
  • Benchmarking stages;
  • Main methodologies;
  • In-practice recommendations.

Key Learning Points

  • Identify different benchmarking methodologies and the advantages of benchmarking;
  • Explore possible scenarios to use each one of them;
  • Enable practitioners to generate added value from a benchmarking initiative.

Technical info (online streaming format)

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