Align, Collaborate, Coach, and Keep Your High Performers

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Learn the steps to effectively manage the changes affecting workforce performance. Empower your employees with information and continuous feedback about their contributions to ensure that your company achieves success. Discover how Alignment, Collaboration, Coaching and Identifying High Potentials can transform your business from a static one to an energetic one.

Main Topics:

• How to align employees’ behavior to the business strategy;
• Greater Performance: identification, coaching, retainment;
• The role of top performers in achieving business objectives;
• Scorecard, Dashboard and Development plan;
• Unlocking human capital potential: KPISOFT platform.

Key Learning Points

• Learn how aligning all your employees to KPIs can bolster performance, by ensuring everyone is aiming for the same goals;
• Learn how coaching can help retain your high performers and identify where high potential lies, as well as help you address low performance concerns;
• Gain a glimpse of the next generation of employee performance management software.
*Attendees will all receive a copy of the blog article: How Southwest Airlines Retains 96% of its High Performers.

“Excellent content of the presentation. All the main aspects were presented in a clear and specific manner. Thank you!”

HR Manager, Bank4You,Ukraine

“The speaker was very knowledgeable and clearly articulated the techniques applicable.”

Director of Business Planning, ARM,USA

“It was interesting because some ideas were new to me. It was also a well-structured presentation with good explanations for the subject matter.”

IT Consultant, ADP- Automatic Data Processing,United Arab Emirates

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