A step-by-step approach to implementing a Performance Management System

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Through this 5-webinar series, we aim to discuss and share valuable solutions to challenges that are linked with the design and the implementation of a comprehensive Performance Management architecture.

During each episode, The KPI Institute’s representative will invite a guest practitioner from the corporate world, with the purpose of sharing insights and a practical methodology to use and apply, having one core principle in mind: Performance Improvement.

In this episode, we will discuss how to approach the implementation of a comprehensive performance management system.

We’ll begin by taking a brief look at the required steps that will ensure the support or the so-called buy-in from the internal stakeholders, after which we will focus on understanding the alignment among all the organizational layers, in terms of strategic objectives and KPIs, cascaded down to the divisional, departmental and individual or employee level, fulfilling the ultimate purpose of achieving that particular desired state of evolution.

• Inform stakeholders
• Design PMS
• Train stakeholders on using the system
• Cascade and align PMS
• Activate the system

All episodes are free and open for registration. Book the dates in your calendar and prepare your questions.

About the Facilitator

Andrea Minelli is the Head of Professional Services SEA. He is a researcher, facilitator, consultant and practitioner, experienced in the deployment and implementation of Performance Management Frameworks.

Andrea has been involved in the design and delivery of Performance Management programs for the past three years, in Europe, Middle East, Africa and the Pacific-Asian region, focusing on sharing best practices and maturing competencies in the field of Performance Measurement and Management.

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