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Powered by the latest cutting edge web technologies, QuickScore™ gives you real-time access to the data you need, when you need it. QuickScore™ transforms static performance measurement data into information and business intelligence.

QuickScore™ automates the Balanced Scorecard development process, Strategy Maps and performance metric spreadsheets to transform data into management information that allows users to visualize performance in a way that helps improve decision making. Charts, graphs, dashboards and PowerPoint™ exports are features of the software.

The solution can be accessed through two configuration options:

1. Hosted (Cloud-Based): most customers choose the Hosted option. We host your software on our secure servers and take care of all server maintenance, data backups and software upgrades. You pay a monthly fee based on license usage, and you're free to quit at any time.

User Types:

- Free Users: can only see things created by other users, like reports and dashboards

- Communication Users: can do everything View Only users can do, with the addition of also being able to interact with the software. They can do things like update metric values and add comments.

- Power users: can do everything Communication users can do, with the addition of also being able to create things. Power users can do things like define metrics and build scorecards, build dashboards and put together briefing books

2. On-site (Server-Based): on-site is the traditional approach to software. It requires you to have your own server and IT staff to manage it, but it allows you to keep all of your data on your intranet. It's priced like most performance management software solutions: a one-time license fee up front and then a 20% yearly maintenance fee for upgrades.

"QuickScore Balanced Scorecard is a straightforward and easy to use piece of software (as a service) and can by quickly configured to capture the strategic goals of a company and the metrics feeding into those objectives."

Chief Executive Officer, The Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed, London

"We have implemented Quickscore software system 4 years ago and we are extremely happy with it. The system is very intuitive, easy to set-up, upload KPI spreadsheets, generate reports and view dashboards. It is also very good value and customer service is superb. We would highly recommend Quickscore for any organization that is implementing Strategic Performance Management system."

Strategy and Innovation Manager, Kirby Group Engineering, Ireland

"As a Quality Specialist one of my responsibilities is building and monitoring strategy execution, QuickScore is a very helpful tool in doing so, I believe it is worthwhile investment for companies that are committed to apply Balanced Scorecard."

Institutional Quality Specialist, Tamweelcom Micofinance, Jordan

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