OKRs - the link between strategic and individual objectives

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Summary outline of the webinar

It is only natural that the success of a framework in companies such as Intel, Google, Amazon or LinkedIn will increase its popularity and transform it in a trend, with more and more organizations wanting to follow their footsteps.

Hence, there is an increasing desire in organizations to adopt the Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) system for setting and monitoring their quarterly objectives.

During this webinar, I invite you to a discussion on the benefits of setting OKRs and do’s and don’ts when undertaking this process.

Main topics covered

• What are OKRs?
• How can OKRs help an organization?
• How to set OKRs?
• What not to do when setting OKRs?

Key Learning Points

• Understand the concept of OKRs;
• Identify the key benefits an OKR system can have for an organization;
• Discover the main steps of setting OKRs;
• Receive in practice recommendations for OKRs implementation.

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