KPI Implementation Project Plan

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Summary outline of the webinar

In practice, when there’s no rigorous methodology in place to start a KPI Implementation Project, organizations start sketching their Performance Management Systems based on some ad-hoc principles and instruments.

Even though you have a fully functioning Performance Management System based on KPIs, or you might just be considering the idea of activating one, this webinar will give you the opportunity of comparing your system or ideas against a popular service implementation model, promoted and operated by The KPI Institute according to the KPI Management Framework.

The proposed model is applicable to both private or public organizations, addressing all the areas that should be considered in such a project, ranging from strategy definition or review, to data analysis and decision-making. We admit it’s a complex approach, but at the same time, we believe it’s worthwhile. We will also be presenting a few case studies that we’ve been working on.


Main Topics Covered

• WHY - KPI Implementation
• WHAT - Structure and Activities of a KPI Implementation Project Plan
• WHAT - Key Deliverables
• HOW - Project GANTT
• WHO - Stakeholders and Governance


Key Learning Points
• Understand the overall image of a KPI Implementation Project;
• Discover and analyze case studies from practice;
• Explore the key tools to be developed as part of the KPIs-based Performance Management System, such as Scorecards, Dashboards and other relevant supporting forms or templates.

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