Employee Performance Maturity Model

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The Employee Performance Maturity Model is a is designed to assess the current state of the organizational capability in measuring and managing staff performance from ten different perspectives (types of organizational relations). They look to explore talent planning, performance arhictecture, allignment between individual, departmental and organizational objectives and expectations, employee awareness, communication of performance, measurement and evaluation and reward of individual performance. It is deployed as an online survey which is filled by a reprezentative segement of stakeholders (Management and Staff). Each section contains five to ten statements which must be rated on a scale from 1 to 5 depending on its relevancy to actual practice, and based on the rating provided, the entity can fall into one of the following maturity levels:

1. Initial

2. Emergent

3. Structured

4. Integrated

5. Optimized

1. Express interest

2. Setting expectations and target group size

3. Receive the Maturity Model Guide and online questionnaire

4. Complete the online questionnaire

5. Maturity report presentation (overall score, detailed description and recommendations)

Employee Performance Maturity Report containing:

1. Questionnaire used

2. Score analysis

3. Recommendations for improvement

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