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To be successful in the long-run, organizations need to define a mission and a vision, that can be cascaded down into SMART strategic and operational objectives, at all hierarchical levels. The course offers an algorithm on how this can be done, with a focus on creating strategies that are internally consistent and aligned for optimal performance. At the same time, the course offers tools for both internal and external environment scanning, that will alow companies to build strategies that are flexible and shock-absorbent, adapted to a business world that is rapidly changing. Last but not least, the course focuses on how departments can set their own strategies and action plans, that are ready-for-execution and support the overall corporate strategy.


  • Receive structured knowledge, that can be transferred into all areas of their professional life;
  • Get acces to a network of specialists, sharing business opportunities and innovative solutions to strategy planning dilemmas;
  • Receive a premium recognition as a Certified Strategy and Business Planning Professional.

Learning objectives 

  • Build up a strategic mind-frame; 
  • Understand key strategy planning concepts; 
  • Use strategy planning tools, in individual and team exercises;
  • Reflect on the best practices in the field, through case.

Day 1 - 4h

Key concepts 

  • Strategy planning defined;

  • Assumptions for strategy planning;

  • he process of strategy planning - an overview

Corporate Identity

  • Impact;

  • Mission;

  • Corporate values;

  • Capabilities.


 Day 2  - 4h

Strategic internal environmental scanning

  • Assessing existing processes ;

  • Assessing existing resources;

  • Assessing existing procedures;

  • Competitive benchmarking.

Choice of a competitive strategy

  • Low cost, low price;

  • Differentiation; 

  • Customer relationship;

  • Network effect.


 Day 3  - 4h

Strategic external environment scanning

  • PESTEL analysis;

  • Porter’s 5 forces;

  • An alternative approach to SWOT analysis.

Scenario planning

  • Identification of strategic KPIs;

  • Definition of scenarios and thresholds;

  • Choice of the most likely scenario used for planning;

  • Identification of red flags triggering reviews.


Day 4  - 4h

Vision & choice of a growth strategy

  • Defining the vision in the context of the chosen planning scenario;

  • Intensive growth;

  • Internationalization strategies;

  • Integrative growth;

  • Diversification strategies.

Strategic objectives & projects at Corporate level

  • Defining long-term objectives; 

  • Cascading them into strategic objectives, KPIs and targets; 

  • Creating the strategy tree & strategy timeline;

  • The BSC approach: strategy map & scorecards

  • Identification of strategic corporate projects.


Day 5  - 4h

Strategic objectives at Department level

  • Cascading strategic objectives from corporate to the department level; 

  • Identifying  KPIs for strategic objectives at the department level; 

  • Setting targets for strategic objectives at the department level.

Business as usual & projects at Department level

  • Planning “business as usual”; 

  • Strategic vs. operational projects at the department level; 

  • Planning new investments at the department level; 

  • Planning change projects at the department level.


Radu Cocean is a trainer, consultant, moderator and facilitator in the field of Strategy Planning, with over 14 years of hands-on experience.

As a trainer, he delivers The KPI Institute’s Certified Strategy and Business Planning Professional course, both as in-house and as open training programs. Since 2010, he is an accredited Trainer (certified by the National Qualifications Authority in Romania) and has completed the American Society for Training & Development Master Trainer Program (2014).

As a consultant, Radu works as part of the teams that draft development strategies and spatial plans for public bodies and local administration. He has done so since 2001, at the international, national, regional, county and local level. He is also a moderator and facilitator for public consultation meetings, making sure the strategy development process is open to all relevant stakeholders.

As a management consultant, he worked with private companies and helped them shape business plans required to access European funds – which offered him insight into how strategies get implemented through successful projects. He is an accredited Project Manager (certified by the National Qualifications Authority in Romania) since 2011.

"The course content was very valuable and excellent. We can effectively use the information and methods provided in this course at our job."

Mariam Abdullah Al Darmaki, AMMROC, UAE

"Very insightful to the world of KPIs for beginners and surely enrichful for patrons as well."

Rashed Alketbi, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, UAE

"The training on KPIs gave me the right understanding about the process, starting with identification, to KPI's alignment, strategy and performance measurement, which will really add value to the organization."

Dhruv Goswami, Applied Corrossion Technology, UAE

"I am already dealing with KPIs at my job, but they are customer driven.  The course offered a perspective on the process, how they can be implemented and how they can improve your business, even if KPIs already existed at corporate level."

Richard Lee  Becerra Jr., AMMROC, UAE

"The content of the program is really to the point and easily coustomised to the needs of the Oil and Gas Industry."

Snehal Kaware, Takreer, UAE

"I highly recommend this course to anyone who is willing to apply KPs in their organisation; it is definitely the best course in terms of content and delivery."

Anfal Al Qumaish, The Institute of Public Administration, UAE

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