KPI, Dashboard & Scorecard for Financial Services

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The "KPI, Dashboard and Scorecard for Financial Services" training course is designed to develop the key performance management competencies needed to improve specific processes, such as KPI selection, KPI documentation, KPI data gathering and reporting. The course content includes customized solutions for financial services, in order to support the implementation of a KPI Performance Management Framework.

3 Key business benefits

  • Obtain higher organizational results by deploying the best KPI measurement techniques and by implementing performance improvement initiatives;
  • Enhance your decision making process by appropriately using performance management tools;
  • Successfully implement a KPI Performance Management Architecture by analyzing international best practices in the field financial services;

5 Benefits

  • Efficiently measure performance by implementing the best KPI selection process;
  • Experience a customized approach by practicing your skills in working with financial services KPIs; 
  • Make more efficient decisions by learning not only how to measure performance, but also how to deploy data in the decision making process;  
  • Access rigorous tools that help you implement a KPI Management Framework by receiving 10+ templates used in working with KPIs;
  • Access an innovative learning experience based on a 3 stage educational process;

Learning objectives

  • Structure the implementation of a performance management architecture;
  • Apply best practice techniques in KPI selection;  
  • Use documentation forms to learn how to document KPIs; 
  • Discover methods to improve the quality and efficiency of the data gathering process;
  • Practice decision making based on data.


The Learning Assessment Quiz will take place at the end of the second day of training.

 Day 1 – KPIs essentials and selection

 KPIs Basics

  • Challenges and key aspects in improving performance;
  • Major challenges in financial services;
  • Performance management and measurement;
  • KPIs terminology standards;
  • The added value of using KPIs

 Performance management system architecture

  • An integrated approach to performance management: from strategy to outcomes;
  • The performance management architecture;
  • KPIs implementation.

 KPIs selection principles

  • KPIs lifecycle;
  • 5 most important KPIs for education;
  • Tools and techniques for KPIs selection;
  • Popular KPIs for financial services;

 KPIs Selection in practice

  • KPIs selection for financial services Scorecard;
  • KPIs selection for financial services Dashboard;


 Day 2 – KPIs documentation and decision making process

 KPIs documentation and target setting

  • KPI documentation form design;
  • KPI documentation process;
  • Approaches to KPI target setting;
  • Target setting in practice;

 Data gathering and visualization

  • Best practices in data visualization;
  • Data quality dimensions;
  • Best practice in the KPI measurement process;
  • The KPI data gathering process.

 Reporting and Decision Making

  • Report compilation;
  • Business analysis techniques;
  • Performance review meeting;
  • Initiatives management;

 Review and Learning assessment quiz 

  • Course review;
  • 10 takeaways to apply in your organization;
  • Learning assessment quiz;
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