Certified Performance Improvement Professional

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The course provides a strong foundation towards improving performance in different scenarios, by presenting relevant tools, processes and techniques meant at closing the performance gap.

This training course presents 6 pillars that need to be applied in order to ensure performance improvement, starting from data analysis and reporting, continuing with decision making and initiative management and ending with learning and building a performance culture.

These six pillars are then applied in 12 scenarios, starting from different levels across the company (organizational, divisional, departmental and employee performance improvement), to diverse capabilities (project, process, quality and customer service performance improvement), and different stakeholders (suppliers, Joint Ventures, Board and personal performance improvement).

5 Benefits

  • Improve performance at all levels, by identifying and addressing specific challenges;
  • Develop and maintain a functional Performance Improvement System;
  • Enhance the decision making process by using relevant data;
  • Nurture a performance culture;
  • Receive a premium recognition of your expertise in performance improvement granted by The KPI Institute.

Learning objectives

  • Understand the Performance Management System architecture;
  • Rigorously conduct the data analysis process;
  • Get insights on best practices in reporting KPIs;
  • Practice performance review meetings;
  • Systematize the tracking of implemented initiatives to address the objectives set;
  • Gain practical experience in recalibrating the Performance Improvement System;
  • Discover how to build a performance culture;
  • Practice performance improvement in 12 different scenarios.


The certification process is finalized when you complete all stages of the learning experience. You will receive a:

  • Certificate of Attendance: after participating at the three days of on-site training course;
  • Certified Performance Improvement Professional diploma: after you have successfully completed all of the three stages of the learning experience.


  Day 1: Performance Improvement Fundamentals

 Performance Management Framework

  • The Performance Management System Architecture;
  • The importance of implementing a Performance Management System;
  • The Performance Management System governance;
  • The Performance Management levels;
  • The Performance Management tools.

 Performance Improvement Scenarios

  • Levels: organizational performance improvement, divisional performance improvement, departmental performance improvement, employee performance improvement;
  • Capabilities: project performance improvement, process performance improvement, quality performance improvement, customer service performance improvement;
  • Stakeholders: supplier performance improvement, Joint Ventures performance improvement, Board performance improvement, personal performance improvement.

 Data Analysis

  • Data quality dimensions
  • Levels of KPI analysis;
  • Business analysis techniques.

 Data Reporting

  • Report compilation;
  • Data visualization rules for well-structured reports;
  • Performance report communication channels.

 Day 2: Performance Improvement Pillars

 Decision Making

  • Performance review meetings;
  • Decision making process;
  • Effective follow up of performance review meetings;

 Initiative Management

  • Portfolio of Initiatives development;
  • Initiatives documentation form functions;
  • Initiatives documentation process;
  • Monitoring the initiatives implemented.

 Learning and Improvement

  • Performance Management Lifecycle - Evolution;
  • Strategy review;
  • Performance Management System recalibration;
  • Organizational Capability Maturity Models;
  • Performance Improvement Maturity Model.

 Building a Performance Culture

  • Change management;
  • Employee performance management;
  • Employee engagement;
  • Bonus systems examples;
  • Gamification. 


 Day 3: Performance Improvement in Practice


  • Organizational performance improvement;
  • Divisional performance improvement;
  • Departmental performance improvement;
  • Employee performance improvement.


  • Project performance improvement;
  • Process performance improvement;
  • Quality performance improvement;
  • Customer service performance improvement.


  • Supplier performance improvement;
  • Joint Ventures performance improvement;
  • Board performance improvement;
  • Personal performance improvement.

 Review and Certification Exam

  • Course review;
  • Certification Exam.

"I contacted The KPI Institute for an in-house training with my team. We found both the material and the way of explaining concepts by doing examples invaluable. I would also say that this is a great value for money if you want to build the competency within your organization"

Fahad A. AlFaadel, Saudi Food & Drug Authority, Saudi Arabia

"The course content was very valuable and excellent. We can effectively use the information and methods provided in this course in our job."

Mariam Abdullah Al Darmaki, AMMROC, UAE

"(…) I gained knowledge about the terms of performance management and the essential tools for a company to use in order to achieve its goals. I will spend a great effort to integrate this methodology in my company.p>

Ayhan Aydoğmuş, Roketsan, Turkey

"I was really happy participating at this course. I liked the course instructor's style in trying to give us all the knowledge and skills related to the course."

Ragheb Al Qirshi, Supreme Council of Health, Qatar

"(…) the feedback from the participants was gratifying and positive, and we are glad that we took the time and effort to develop such a program to meet the need of our staff for extending their knowledge in the area of KPI and all related."

Hanan Ahmed, Abdelmajeed, Supreme Council of Health, Qatar

" The course offers you essential tools towards better performance."

Meshal Abdulrhman Alamri, Saudi Food & Drug Authority, Saudi Arabia

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